Business areas

In the following, we comment on our organic sales performance.


The Laundry business recorded a strong sales performance in 2012,with our strategically important category of heavy-duty detergents generating the greatest growth momentum.

Substantial drivers of this growth were innovations in the field of pre-dosed liquid detergents, in particular for our top brands, Persil, Dixan and Purex. The successful launches of our innovative Persil Mega-Caps in Germany, Purex UltraPacks in North America, and Duo-Caps, which we also successfully launched in the Eastern European market in the third quarter, all contributed significantly to this growth. The pre-dosed liquid detergent capsules are easy to use, and produce a brilliantly clean and perfectly fresh result.

Strong growth momentum also came from our new Persil Black and Spee Black products with color protection for black and dark apparel, launched in German-speaking countries. In addition, Spee 2in1 Gel positively contributed to growth. It combines the cleaning power of a heavy-duty detergent with the extra freshness of a fabric softener, producing a wash result that is both clean and fragrantly fresh.

Our specialty detergents benefited from the launch of the new Perwoll variants with “Re-new Effect,” an innovative detergent for delicate color fabrics that smoothens roughened textile fibers, bringing lustrous life to faded shades.

Home Care

The Home Care business posted a solid sales performance in 2012.

Hand-dishwashing products grew very strongly, supported in part by Pril brand products. With its improved formulation, Pril is particularly economical and powerful, and is effective even in cold water. Automatic dishwashing products continued to experience very dynamic growth – due mainly to Somat 10.

Sales of WC products increased further, mainly thanks to the great success of our WC Frisch / Bref “Power Aktiv” brand products. The innovative Bref “Power Aktiv” WC rim block – known in Germany under the WC Frisch brand – offers patent- pending technology for all-round WC freshness. This is the first WC rim block with four functions to combat dirt and odor. The product represents our biggest innovation in recent years, and we are marketing it successfully around the world. We intend to launch the products in additional markets in 2013.

Our air freshener business also posted a very strong performance in 2012.