Focus on regions with high potential

“Globalize,” the second of our four strategic priorities, describes our differentiated regional strategies to grasp growth opportunities around the world.

Leverage strengths in mature markets and expand in emerging markets

In mature markets, we will leverage our strengths and generate profitable growth by increasing our brand investments and maintaining our cost focus. By 2016, we aim to gain more top positions in these markets with our strong brands, while increasing profitability.

In emerging markets, we will expand our existing category positions and accelerate growth in countries where we already have a strong presence. We will also selectively enter new growth markets where we do not have a foothold yet.

By 2012, emerging markets already accounted for 43 percent of our total sales, and around 55 percent of our employees worked there. By 2016, sales in emerging markets are targeted to grow to 10 billion euros. By then, 12 out of Henkel’s top 20 countries in terms of sales are expected to be emerging markets.

As part of our overall strategy to expand our capacities in the emerging markets, for example, we built a new adhesives factory in Shanghai, which will start production in 2013. It will enable us to meet the rapidly growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

We develop and specialize our products and solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Therefore, our Adhesive Technologies research and development centers will continue to be located around the world.

Speed and efficiency

We are strengthening our global presence continuously. One example is our Beauty Care Asia-Pacific logistics hub in Thailand, which was opened in November 2012. It will serve as a platform to enable future growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

As a globalized company we are able to bring top innovations to our markets faster and more successfully than our competition. In less than 18 months we rolled out our latest toilet care innovation – the “Power Aktiv” rim block, launched under the Bref and WC Frisch brands – in over 40 countries. Key factors that contributed immensely to this successful and accelerated worldwide launch were a customer-relevant innovation based on our global consumer insights, a powerful formula that meets our customers’ performance expectations as well as our sustainability requirements, and highly committed marketing and sales teams who turned a global innovation into local success stories.

Henkel's largest adhesives factory

New logistics hub for Beauty Care