Strengthen our global team

“Inspire” is the strategic priority which describes our clear commitment to strengthen our global team. We will focus on three areas: Leadership, Talents & Performance, and Diversity.

Developing strong leaders

As part of our focus on developing strong leaders, we have defined new leadership principles which will provide guidance on how to manage the complexity of leadership roles and inspire our global teams. We introduced these new leadership principles to our top management in November 2012 prior to the global roll-out in 2013. They will be an integral part of the evaluation and development of our leaders. With the new Leadership Development series, for example, a mandatory training program for all people managers, we support them from their first operational leadership tasks up to advanced, strategically relevant leadership responsibilities.

Talents & Performance

To attract and retain talents globally, we will strengthen our employer brand and continue to concentrate on making Henkel a highly attractive employer. This includes competitive compensation and reward programs that are strongly linked to performance, as well as attractive career development opportunities in different businesses, offering international experience and participation in challenging projects.

Managing diversity as a competitive asset

As a diverse employee base with different cultural and professional backgrounds provides a competitive advantage, we promote diversity by actively managing the dimensions of nationality, age, and gender. We strive to increase the international composition of our teams, leverage the experience of our senior colleagues and systematically support female career development, while at the same time providing the right infrastructure in terms of flexible working models.

In 2012, we reinforced the importance of flexible work arrangements for both employees and the company. All Board Members and our top management have demonstrated their strong commitment to flexible working and a culture of performance orientation at Henkel by signing our “Charter of Work-Life Flexibility.” This Charter has provided the framework for developing individual solutions for employees around the world, enabling them to better balance their individual situation and the requirements related to their role at Henkel through increased flexibility.

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Work-life-flexibility at Henkel